In today’s digital age, we often feel like we “own” the content we subscribe to on OTT platforms, download from YouTube, or even print out as DIY guidebooks for our hobbies. But how permanent is this ownership?

🚨 The Reality Check: The content you think you own today may not be there tomorrow. There are numerous factors that can make digital content disappear:

  • Anti-piracy measures 🚫
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) expiry ⏳
  • Deprecated codecs 🛠️
  • Disk failures 💽

So, the risk of losing valuable knowledge in the form of digital content is higher than you might think.

🤔 The Takeaway: Be mindful of the ephemeral nature of digital knowledge. What’s here today could be gone tomorrow.

💡 Tips for Ensuring Longevity of Content: 1️⃣ Backup Regularly: Make sure to back up your digital content on multiple platforms, like cloud storage and external hard drives.

2️⃣ Convert Formats: If you’re storing files that use older codecs, consider converting them to newer, more commonly supported formats.

3️⃣ Stay Updated: Keep an eye on DRM expiry dates and renew licenses as needed.

4️⃣ Physical Copies: For extremely important content, consider making physical copies, like printing out documents or burning them onto DVDs.

5️⃣ Legal Alternatives: Always opt for legal ways to own content, as pirated versions are more likely to get taken down.

6️⃣ Content Curation: Periodically review and curate your digital library. Remove outdated or irrelevant items and add new content that you find valuable.

By taking these steps, you can better ensure that the content you value remains accessible for the long term. 🗄️🔒

By shashi

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