In our company, we have this tradition of naming our computers (Linux desktops, servers, etc) on a particular theme. Now, our chosen theme is Captain Haddock‘s choicest swear words. So, while caterpillar is our file server, typhoon our gateway, anacoluthon my laptop, rapscallion, rhizopod, jellyfish, balderdash, etc make up the other desktops.

Recently we hired a VPS for hosting some of our services. This time, we wanted to break out of the now monotonous theme and name it differently. Hence, we organised a small contest for suggesting the names and these were the names our guys came up with:

dooradabetta, ಅಗಸ್ತ್ಯ , ನಕ್ಷತ್ರ, Gogglers, Picaroons, Cyclotron, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Barricade, Optimus Prime, Prithvi -, Vismaya -, Amulya – Priceless, Arnav – ocean/ sea, Avinash – indestructible, bushbetta, Bandana, Maya – As in Illusion(Virtual), Rudra, Swastika, Varuna, Ugrana (Storage in Kannada ), Taatvika, sanctimonia (Latin), recondo, commodo, munus, muneris, lorica, officium, servitium, tutus, latrocinium, bisibelebath, kalasa, Abayan, Yuga
Vajra, Sambath, jataayu

That’s a neat variety of suggestions and lots of original thinking too. Finally, after almost a month I’ve decided upon one amongst the above.

bisibelebath :-)

Well, not exactly! in a shortened form – bcube. So the hostname –

Thanks to Kaladisvarane for the name. And to all others too.

By shashi

5 thoughts on “All in a name!”
  1. He he.. all is Maya .. and these servers which creates magic at the client side should be named as maya… I hope you are naming it as Maya ..


  2. My take is on agastya who was asked to serve the rest of his life dedicated to the south of Vindhyas (Hence Virtually Dedicated Server 😉 ). ಪಟ್ಟೋಲೆ ಪಳಮೆ

  3. My guess is that you would select vajra!

    btw, in my exp i have seen machines named after sages of the yold, names from mahabharata, names of film(star)s [basha/padayappa/ayya etc], and few like junk,crashbox,noiseware,craptank,trash.

    How abt funky names like kirik, tarle, kitaapati, annasaami, draabe, jobhadra, pakru, dinga etc 🙂 Messages like ‘kirik login’ or ‘annaasaami will be going down in 5 minutes’ etc will be funny 🙂

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