Microsoft pulled out it’s stinking “getthefacts” campaign and replaced it with the equally ridiculous compare campaign. They needed to get back attention to their campaign. It was almost dying, and what best than a redesign and a rename ??

But, while they were touting their supposed superiority over Linux, the crashing of their WGA programme gave a hint as to where Windows stands in comparision or more generally, how their technologies lack the scalability and the smartness to reliably serve day in and out.

People at M$ acknowledged that there was a problem and were fixing it. It shows that they were not in full control of the situation as can be known from their program manager pleading with their users:

“I guarantee that I will personally resolve this issue before I go to sleep – whether or not it is Tuesday I sleep.”

Wow!! Nice, they got on top of the problem and fixed it some time later. But they ought to let their marketing people know that Windows is not yet “comparision” material and should stick to their traditional methods of pushing and hiring idiots to shove their products in.

If not, they’ll find lots of customers asking many uncomfortable questions before signing up with Redhat, SuSE or even us for Debian/Ubuntu. :-)

By shashi

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