A few weeks ago, Userfriendly ran this series:

So ? Google betas their products almost always, to enable people experience cutting edge technology without waiting endlessly for the product to pass all kinds of QA tests. In the process, the users are helping Google harness their resources much better and test the application while at it. Noble thoughts indeed!!

Aaargghh!! Here comes Marketing. But what if, it is a marketing ploy! There are hundreds of such alpha and beta products out there. What prevents one from launching a nice looking online dating site, not with much to show for, but some ideas and beautiful pictures on the screen or on the ad and brand it alpha/beta!!?

Companies do that to drum up interest in their site, get decent numbers on their websites, show the reports to interested VCs and Funds, raise capital, hire more people, repeat cycle. But the fun starts when GMail like fiascos happen.

Issues happen. Always!

But how ethical is it to sell to users to use a beta system, while there’s every chance of the user’s data being wiped out or the system not being available. Perhaps there should be some kind of browser plugins that keep warning the user this website is still in beta or even alpha.

Bottom Line:
Use sites that are in Beta/Alpha. Help Stef buy his Porsche.

By shashi

One thought on “Theory of Relative "Product"ivity!”
  1. I had stopped reading UserFriendly for some time now after the advent of xkcd strips and being addicted to Dilbert. Now, I know that I must get back to read them again.
    You’re right on mark, regarding the issues of alpha-beta cultures and company oriented venturistic, profitable practices.

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