The term google had entered our dictionaries not only as a proper noun, but also as a verb. We had stopped searching for information. Instead we googled for information.

But of late, things are turning around. More and more people are searching for relevant results in their googled information. Try searching for “Google results not satisfying” and you’ll understand.

The problem in my opinion is with both Google itself, as well as the way the internet is evolving off late. The amount of cruft is increasing enormously. As pointed out in this post, content creation is a huge money spinning business today.

In this situation, how to solve the problem of finding needles in haystacks? Initially, we can try using alternative search engines such as Bing, Blekko. In addition to that the stakeholders need to work out solutions to the problem of data cruft piling up. My thoughts on this in the next post.

Till then, wish you all a very happy, prosperous and fruitful new year. May you get all that you search for in this year ;-)

By shashi

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