It’s with great amusement that I am watching the ongoing battle between Google and China. What started as an almost diplomatic allegation over “hackers” gaining entry to Google’s developers’ desktops in its Chinese offices, is now threatening to blow over to a full scale war.

But however, is it only me who is seeing Google and China as unlikely opponents? Here are some similarities I found between them:

  • Google operates as a monopoly, so does the Chinese government.
  • The Communist party has a two tier membership – one for the influential and one for the masses. So does Google – Class A & B shares divide the influential and the peasants.
  • Chinese practice an open “people’s government” in which it chooses what should be open and what not. Google too practices an “open internet” policy, in which it chooses what is open and what not.
  • A world economy without the Chinese manufacturing backend cannot be imagined in any way. Similarly, a world economy without Google’s information peddling backend cannot be imagined.
  • China aims to achieve global superiority by being totally self-reliant and also by buying up other countries. Google also is trying to be self-reliant in its own sphere of economy by entering into diverse areas such as Electricity, Broadband, Wireless, TV/Radio and even Real Estate.

These similarities do not end here. But does continue in other areas. Nevertheless, we will never know the actual reasons behind the current face-off between Google and China.

But, IMHO Google must strike a deal with China and stay back just in order to live to fight another day.

By shashi

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