Scott Adams on Venture Capital and the Neo Rich

Scott Adams’ satirical take on the new rich kids becoming venture capitalists.

I came up with the Ego Theory of Venture Capital while reading through a list of startups that recently got funded. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t see anything in the bunch that looked like a potential winner. Ego has to be behind much of the funding because economics wouldn’t explain such weak investments, even under a venture capital model. Historically, a venture investor hoped to succeed 10% of the time. Now I’m seeing startups that seem, at least to my non-expert eyes – to have something like a 1% chance of success.

The punch!

Now we have this absurd situation in which society is complaining that the rich have too much money at the same time the rich are begging the poor to take their money. The only condition the wealthy put on the transfer of money is that the poor need to put together some PowerPoint presentations that use the words “social” and “cloud.” Is that too much to ask?

Finally …

If you think the rich have too much money, stop complaining and do something about it: Start your own Internet company and go get some venture capital funding.

SkypeOut – MicrosoftIn

A joke that’s making the rounds of the Internet goes like “Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 Billion. Nobody told them you can download it for free.” 🙂

Though rhetorical, it hits the point right on its head. It is a matter of common knowledge that the current owners of Skype were very edgy and wanted to sell it off to anybody who could pay up its latest market valuation (around USD 3 Billion). Various analysis of the buyout have explained that Microsoft is looking at the value that Skype shall add when integrated with Outlook, Sharepoint, Office and their other enterprise collaboration tools.
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Raising Credit for Startups through Banks – CGTMSE

Bootstrapping a startup can be an arduous task. Especially raising capital while growing can be a daunting goal to achieve. The most popular approach seems to be approaching Angel Investors for cash in lieu of stocks or a partnership in the startup. Though less risky and usually reliable, this approach also has its own pitfalls like determining how much ownership to cede?, involve the investors in management roles? etc.
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My submission for MacBook Air Contest: How Do You Move Applications to the Cloud?

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You can find it here:

Contrary to popular perceptions, implementing cloud for the enterprise has to be a planned and carefully executed exercise. In fact even migrating from your locally hosted email and collaboration suite to Google Apps could turn out to be a flop if you dont have the necessary variables sorted out.

Some basic and necessary steps towards a successful move towards cloud
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Successful resuscitation of the blog

Some weeks back, while cleaning out the cruft in our server I managed to erase the database of this blog. Unfortunately there was no backup of the DB as well. I was resigned to the fate of starting the blog all over. And the story would have ended there, but for the successful resuscitation using cached content from Google, Bing and Blekko. Thanks to @twistedlogix for his professional online stalking expertise that the blog is back with each and every blog, comment, category, tag, plugin configuration intact.

My blog has its own share of search engine driven traffic and a few popular articles include the ones on configuring Gnokii for Nokia phones, Zimbra tweaks, etc. In addition, I also maintain some links to websites covering the mankuthimmana kagga. Hence it would have been a tough task to create everything from scratch.

The only surprising element in the whole process was that the Internet Wayback machine has no record of my seemingly popular website :-p

So if you happen to erase or destroy your website or blog due to any reason, you know whom to contact! 🙂